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About Me

About moi…

I have been a few things in my life, having worked in corporations, for governments, the media and universities. All these experiences have shaped my idea that the best way to understand humanity is by discovering your inner self and sharing experiences with all peoples around the world.


I am an Australian currently based in Bangkok which I use as a home base, a launch pad for my adventures around the region and afar. Some of my regular spots include India, Japan, Australia and Vietnam. I will continue to visit these places, revisit others and discover new and hopefully wondrous places.


You can never predict the future, you can’t regret the past, you can only live in the now. With this philosophy I hope you can come along for the ride.


About this website, it is like many things in our world which relate to the human element of storytelling. I have loved stories all my life whether they be fictional or nonfiction they still allowed the imagination to roam far and wide. I hope to bring you tales of; travelling, sights seen, people’s stories, and opinions garnered from far and wide I hope this website gives a small insight into our amazing world with all its wonders, beauty, pain and joy, for after all every tale should have some kind of meaning. I hope you get some meaning from what I share with you and I hope to inspire your imagination just as much as the tales on this website have inspired mine.